Navajo Concho Stamped Bracelet


Simple enough for daily wear yet bold enough to share the love of the Native southwest. Throughout the recent years, my husband Carl has patiently taught our son, Colton the process in silvermaking. These bracelets are the first of many designs to come, collaborating together with careful thought and consideration to the wearer of the bracelets.  Made with love and positive energy. Stars are natural elements of existent, looks to for guidance and direction. Many prayers, songs, and origin teaching are come about from the stars.

  • Crafted by C. McClellan from the Navajo Tribe. proud Co-founder & owner of Navajo Expressions Arts and Crafts.
  • Medium gauge Sterling silver and intricate stamp techniques to complete this design.
  • Measures at “L X “W.
  • Includes a Certificate of Authenticity.


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