Green Turquoise Nugget Necklace with Lapis, Carnelian, & Heishe Shells


The unique color combination of stones was inspired by the color association from the sacred mountains and the sun. The blue lapis and turquoise representing the mountains, the orange, yellow and brown exemplifying the rays from the sun, the protection and comfort it offers. This necklace was made up with a secure clasp and is meant to be worn close to the heart. This necklace is part of out “Wear turquoise, protect your being” collection.

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  • Made with the utmost care and choice stones by Navajo Expressions AandC, Denise McClellan
  • Nugget turquoise with heishe shells and sprinkles of Lapis and Carnelian stones for accent.
  • Measures @ “L x “W.
  • Includes Artist’s Certificate of Authenticity and Gemstone Literature.


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