Juniper Berry Seed Necklace with Amethyst


Juniper Seeds are a powerful element in Navajo spiritual beliefs and speaks volumes about our history. Juniper berry seeds are basically dried juniper berries. These seeds are made up and decorated with various gemstones, glass beads, made into looped necklaces and varied jewelry. They are meant to symbolize the connection with humanity and nature (Mother Earth). When worn it is believed to protect one from evil spirits, to protect negative energy from overwhelming the wearer and for good fortune. Aka GHOST BEADS.

In NAVAJO history, when early settlers came, they brought with them germs and viruses, in which our people had no immunity to, many of our people died, our people used the berries and green leafy parts of the Juniper Berry tree to remediate against those foreign viruses and ailments, as a natural remedy. In addition, certain ceremonies for our Veteran War Heroes that suffer from PTSD require the natural herbs and berries. Dried ash is also applied to skin when making trips into the darkness of the night. Many stories come from this native plant and has been used for generation in Navajo jewelry. Our grandmothers have set this example for us. Our grandfathers helped us to understand the medicinal uses of these plants.

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  • Handcrafted by D. McClellan of the Navajo Tribe and Founder of Navajo Expressions Arts and Crafts.
  • Using Carefully selected genuine Amethyst or Varied Turquoise with Heishe Shells at 16, 18, 20 inch lengths. meant to be worn along collar bone.
  • Part of our Native Elements FiT Active Wear Collection. Great active wear when hiking, dancing, running, basically with any of your favorite physical activities.
  • Includes a Certificate of Authenticity and Gemstone Literature.


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