Arrowhead Necklaces with Lapis, I Turquoise, Quartz & Hematite


’Designed with you in mind’. Wear  to show your Warrior Spirit. Your Brave heart.
Symbolic for Alertness, Awareness, Protection and Mindfulness in our Navajo Culture.
A mixture of stones. Let the stone pick you.

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  •  Created by Denise M. From the Navajo Tribe & Co-Founder of Navajo Expressions Arts and Crafts
  •  Each Necklace is sold individually. Lapis(blue), Imitation Blocked Turq(sky blue), Quartz gemstones coupled with Hematite(grey metallic) and shells.
  • 20”-22” in. length looped-necklaces with lobsterclaw claps
  • Includes  Symbol & Gemstone Literatures
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity


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