How to Navajo Artists and Entrepreneurs

We highly encourage seeking local venues to buy authentic and to support our fellow artisans, local small businesses, and entrepreneurs that are trying to provide for their families and make a living on the Navajo Reservation.

Visit these sites for local, authentic arts and crafts:

From Flagstaff, take the U.S. Highway 89 North to Cameron, AZ. From Cameron, heading west on State Route 64 will take you to the east entrance of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Continuing north on Highway 89 will take you to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

There are multiple attractions and LESS traffic on the scenic drive to the North & South Rim of the Grand Canyon via Highway 89. There are many beautiful places along the western edge of the Navajo Nation including the Painted Desert Plateaus, the Little Colorado River canyons, rugged terrains, mountains, and vast desert! 

There are also multiple roadside shops of Navajo artists and entrepreneurs selling their custom jewelry and other authentic Native America arts and crafts. You can also learn firsthand about Navajo culture and traditions. 

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Navajo Expressions Arts and Crafts is a 20-year family-owned, home-based business from the Navajo Reservation.
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